Radial extracorporeal shockwave treatment is a noninvasive treatment that involves the delivery of shockwaves to the painful region with the objective of reducing pain and promoting healing of the affected soft tissue. Michaud Chiropractic Center offers RSWT for $85 per session. We recommend 4 to 6 sessions, depending upon severity. RSWT is recommended for: Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, calcific tendonitis of the shoulder (rotator cuff), tennis elbow, golfers elbow, greater trochanteric bursitis.


AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE: A study compared a randomized controlled trial of 245 patients using radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy (RSWT) and placebo in the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis. RSWT proved significantly superior to placebo with an overall success rate of 61.0% compared with 42.2% in the placebo group at 12 weeks. Superiority was even more pronounced at 12 months, and all secondary outcome measures supported radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy to be significantly superior to placebo. The authors concluded that RSWT significantly improves pain, function, and quality of life compared with placebo in patients with recalcitrant plantar fasciitis.


FOOT & ANKLE INTERNATIONAL: A prospective, randomized, double-blind study compared RSWT to placebo in the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis. Fifty patients with chronic plantar fasciitis were evenly divided to receive either RSWT (n = 25) or placebo treatment (n = 25). Patients in the RSWT group had RSWT applied in two sessions 1 week apart. In the RSWT group, 92% reported a percentage decrease in the pain larger than 60% after the first session. Only 4% of the placebo group had a percentage decrease in pain. At 24 weeks after the first session, the corresponding numbers were 100% (25/25) for the RSWT patients and 16% (4/25) for the placebo group. The authors concluded that radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy can reduce pain and increase quality of life with only 2 treatments.