Kim Nedeau, Trainer

It is possible to determine what limits performance in sport using what is called a 5-1-5 assessment. Measuring muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) during this incremental run assessment provides insight into which physiologic system of the body fails first. The purpose of this assessment is to find the “limiter” and then modify future training to stress that limiter. Can oxygen supply keep up with demand? Does muscle coordination cause one leg to fail first? Does poor breathing technique lead to hyperventilating as intensity increases? Weak ventilatory exchange? A good supply of oxygen but poor utilization? This is a treadmill assessment at light and high intensities until failure. Assessments are performed in Leverett, MA, take approximately 75 minutes (50 minutes of run time) and cost $150.

Donna Schneider, Trainer

Pillar Health Care of Andover

Donna Schneider founded Pillar Health Care of Andover with a strong background in the conservative care of injuries.  She has successfully helped a wide range of clients; from professional and recreational runners, individuals with joint injuries from overuse or arthritis, children who want to continue to run and play, to grandparents wanting to be more physically active.


Andrea Sorgato, LMT

Andrea Sorgato, LMT

Andrea graduated from the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).  Before studying massage, he earned his bachelor's degree at Lesley University, where he designed his own program in Health and Environmental Studies because of his strong belief in the benefits of healthy living.  


Lecia Whitlock, Personal Trainer


Lecia is a graduate of Cornell University and the National Personal Training Institute. She earned her national certification as an Advanced Certified Personal Trainer through the TW-CC and served as an instructor and administrator at the institute for 5 years, developing curriculum and teaching students how to become effective professional fitness trainers. Lecia’s approach to fitness focuses on proper alignment and movement of the body as the foundation of strength, flexibility, balance and injury prevention. Lecia currently works privately with individuals creating customized fitness programs based on their specific needs, goals and abilities. She resides in Waltham, Massachusetts, and can be reached at